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Sharon is passionate about nutrition, food and fitness and combines them together to help people set and reach their nutrition goals, move better and feel better.

Sharon has been involved in nutrition and fitness for a combined total of over 20 years. She has been involved in group exercise since the mid 80s, when as an overweight teenager, she discovered the  importance of exercise to both body and mind. Sharon went on to teach group fitness in college and shortly after getting her Masters of Science degree in Biology, was certified to teach Spinning.  On a brief hiatus from working in corporate America, Sharon attended the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts for their Professional Chef program.  She continued to work in corporate America until the time was right, and in 2008 she left to start Thyme To Cook Personal Chef Service and Nutrition Coaching. Since then, Sharon has cooked for, coached and educated her clients about changes they can make to support a more healthy lifestyle.

On her quest to make her lifestyle as healthy as it could be, Sharon passed the StrongFirst kettlebell instructor certification, both Levels I and II. Kettlebell training is an integral part of the work Sharon does to support her healthy lifestyle and she uses it with clients to improve and enhance their lifestyles as well. Sharon continues to teach Spinning and is also certified in TRX, Ground Force Method and as personal trainer.

Nutrition Coaching


Sharon is a certified Fitness Nutrition Coach. She works with her clients to help them find a lifestyle that is well balanced with food and exercise. To learn more about Sharon’s nutrition philosophy and the services she offers, please visit the Nutrition page.



Personal Training

Personal Training:

Sharon is a Certified Personal Trainer through ACE. One mode of training that she loves to offer is kettlebell training; a kettlebell is a traditional Russian cast iron weight that looks like a cannonball with a handle. The kettlebell offers all around fitness: strength, endurance and conditioning, making it an efficient tool to train with. It’s important to find a qualified instructor to work with to learn proper and safe technique. Sharon also trains with barbells, free weights and focuses on mobility and strengthening through body weight exercises. To learn more about Sharon, kettlebells and the training she offers, please visit the Personal Training page.



Boston Essentials
Sharon started Boston Essentials in 2016. She enrolled in a 300hour Clinical Aromatherapist certification program, as well as a Reiki certification program, and became a doTerra Wellness Advocate. Sharon is excited to bring this branch of health and wellness to her repertoire.



Thyme to Cook

Thyme to Cook
Chef Service:

Sharon started Thyme to Cook in 2008. Since then she has cooked for many clients as well as taught them how to cook and plan menus. Sharon offers meal solutions for people who don’t have time to cook and can cook for people who have specific dietary restrictions. To learn more about Thyme to Cook, please visit the Thyme To Cook page.

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